Pretty Pets by Donna


                          Grooming Products and equipment

Shampoos and Conditioners

We supply shampoos and conditioners by Bio-Groom, Groomers Edge, Nature Specialties, Professional Pet Products and Wahl.  We stock a variety of color enhancers and medicated shampoos including Tea Tree Oil Shampoo, Neem Shampoo, Citrus Flea Repellent and an Oatmeal Shampoo that contains aspirin for arthritis.  Our conditioners include EZ Shed, Super EZ Dematt, Re-moisturizer and Sun Guard.  To ensure that the best products can be used to suit each animal's needs, no customer is ever charged extra for a special shampoo or conditioner and the customer can always choose to refuse what we suggest.


   Finishing Sprays


We offer a variety of organic scented finishing sprays, spray oils and coat polishes.  These products help replenish the natural oils that deep cleaning removes while leaving clean fresh non-floral scents.




Multiple attachment loops have been added both in the tub and on some of the grooming tables so that dogs that come together can remain that way for the whole experience. To accommodate large dogs our tub has a detachable ramp and we have a hydraulic table. Most of our grooming tables offer added support for dogs with problems standing. Pets are dried using forced air which literally blasts the water off the coats with warm air so that the animals are never overheated. 






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